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Dodge Repairs Calgary

If you’re looking for an independent Dodge repair and service specialist in Calgary, you’ve come to the right place. We’re privately owned, but we’re also fully certified, highly skilled, and ready to get your dodge back on the road.

Our team of highly skilled technicians and mechanics know their way around all Dodge models. We work strictly according to Dodge specifications and repair schedules. We’re even able to take on more technical repairs that some Dodge Repairs Calgary shops won’t touch. In fact, we diagnose, repair, and replace from bumper to bumper!

Dodge maintenance & servicing Calgary

Many people wonder why regular servicing is necessary. After all, as they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” But when it comes to cars, regular preventative maintenance can help to spot potentially serious problems sooner. The sooner worn parts are repaired or replaced, the less chance there is that they can do further damage. So, you can actually save a lot of money!

We’re an independent Dodge service and repair center. We work hard to meet and exceed our client’s expectations, while blowing large Dodge dealership pricing out of the water!

Cars aren’t as simple as they used to be. Some components are sealed units. Some require propriety tools to access. You even need high tech diagnostic equipment to fault find and reset your car after a service. We have all of those things, and more. So, we can service your Dodge to the same standards, at a much lower cost!

Dodge AC Repairs Calgary

Air conditioners are great. Until they stop working. If you’ve ever found yourself in a car with a broken AC in a Calgary summer, you know what we mean! We offer Calgary Dodge air-conditioning repairs, servicing and more.

We will top up your air conditioner gas, replace worn parts and clean filters. Many Dodge models do experience lowered air conditioning efficiency over time. But you don’t have to sweat it out! Come on in and get all your Dodge AC repairs here!

Dodge Transmission Repairs Calgary

Your transmission is not something that’s designed to be repaired or replaced very often. But when things do go wrong, it can be dangerous and expensive! Which is why we recommend our customers have their Dodge transmission inspected and serviced every 50,000kms.

We inspect, repair, rebuild and replace automatic and manual or standard Dodge transmissions. We stock genuine and approved parts too, so we can get most repairs done fast. Whether it’s your clutch, differential, 4-wheel drive trouble or even a commercial vehicle transmission.

Don’t take chances with your transmission. The longer you wait, the bigger the bill might be. Call or email us to talk about your Dodge transmission or other repairs in Calgary.

Dodge Brakes: Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

There are some car repairs that can wait a little. Brakes are not one of them. If your brakes are feeling spongy or stiff, you need to get them looked at sooner rather than later. We work on all Dodge models, and no matter what your brake problems are, we’re here for you.

City driving can be hard on your car in general, and your brakes in particular. Even if you’re not experiencing trouble braking, it’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected and serviced regularly.

Our team of Dodge specialists are ready to inspect your brakes, check your fluids and replace worn parts. Don’t take chances with safety! Your brakes are important! 

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