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Honda Automotive Repairs Calgary

Our certified Honda automotive repairs Calgary mechanics use state-of-the-art engine diagnostics to quickly identify and isolate issues, whether minor or complex to save you time and money. We only use the highest quality parts that are equal to or exceed the standards of the original manufactured parts. This ensures that our car mechanics will have you back on the road safely with a car running smoothly and efficiently.

Wheels & Tires

The right choice of tires and wheels together with efficient wheel alignments and wheel balances will ensure that you are safe and in control when driving your car.

Professional tire fitting and brand choice can greatly influence your safety and driving experience.

We stock a large range of leading tire brands and can advise you on the most suitable choice based on mileage, driving conditions, terrain and budget. t

Honda AC Repairs Calgary

A regular car air conditioning service can check for faults, such as drive belt tension, refrigerant leaks or a faulty compressor.

If your car doesn’t feel as cold as it used to, then your air conditioning may need servicing as the refrigerant gas that is used to operate the system depletes over time. By having your auto air conditioning recharged with refrigerant and lubricant every two years, you can be confident that it will continue operating at its most efficient and economical levels.

If your air conditioning isn’t running efficiently, needs a re-gas, or you haven’t had it serviced for a long time, call us now on 403-276-7676.

Honda maintenance & servicing Calgary

How Often Should A Honda Be Serviced?

There is a choice between variable servicing and time and distance servicing. For a vehicle being serviced according to time and distance, services will be required at fixed intervals. Where variable servicing is chosen, sensors located within your engine and other working components of the vehicle will inform you when servicing is required. therefore Honda Automotive Repairs Calgary

Why Is Servicing Important?

A full service history can enhance the potential resale value of your vehicle. Regular servicing is the way to ensure that your Honda maintains an optimum level of performance during its ownership cycle. H

Honda Logbook Servicing Calgary

Here at AutoRite Repair Centres we service models og Honda vehicles. If your car is still under warranty, it’s your choice where to have it serviced. Even if your vehicle is brand new, we can service it without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Log book servicing is essential if you want to keep your new car warranty as well as maintaining optimal protection!

Additionally, we can provide you high quality services at a very affordable price.

If we find anything additional that requires careful attention and replacement while we service your car, you can expect that we’ll contact you immediately and inform you of it. We’ll provide you with exact information and let you decide if you’d like the problem fixed now or later. H

Honda Transmission Repairs Calgary

We specialize in all aspects of Calgary Honda transmission repairs and services for any model from the most modern, computer-controlled transmissions right through to older gearbox repair. Our expertise covers automatic and manual transmissions including DSG repairs (Direct-Shift Gearbox), clutches, differentials, transmission rebuilds, 4 wheel drives, and commercial vehicles.

Our Honda transmission repair Calgary involves road testing your vehicle before and after our service, a thorough inspection of the drive-line, cleaning or replacement of the filter, changing the transmission fluid and many other aspects. We recommend regular service at least every 50,000km’s.

We take the extra time and care to make sure everything is done right, first time, every time. Call us on 403-276-7676 to discuss your mechanical needs

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