Why should you get winter tires in Alberta?

Car tires on winter road

Why should you get winter tires in Alberta?

When the temperature starts to dip in Alberta and when snow starts to fall, drivers are typically told to get winter tires. All-season tires will not be able to handle Edmonton, Calgary, or any other Alberta winter. In fact, your simple summer tires will only last you a few days in the frigid temperatures. In fact, many drivers are so glad to invest in winter tires during the cold season. Because they often save their vehicles from damage due to weather conditions. They also improve vehicle handling while practicing safe driving techniques. Here are some reasons why you should get winter tires for your vehicle this fall in Alberta:

Get Winter Tires in Alberta for Proper Vehicle Traction

Winter tires will work wonders for your vehicle in freezing weather, helping to provide improved traction and grip. While all-season tires are good in most conditions, they do not have the same traction that winter tires do. Winter tires improve traction when driving faster or slower, and even sticking to the road during Alberta’s cold season. Further, winter tires have sharp, biting edges that help grab the ice and snow when going forward. They also have more tread depth, which gives them the ability to move snow off the road and improve your vehicle’s traction.

Winter Tires are made of Specific Material for cold season

The other key feature winter tires have that summer tires do not is a special rubber compound. This rubber provides better traction on slippery winter roads because of its cold-weather-specific characteristics. Winter tires are designed to give you excellent traction on snow and ice with reduced hydroplaning and decreased risk of flat tires due to nails.

Get Winter Tires in Alberta for Peace of Mind

There’s no doubt about it, Alberta’s winter is unlike any other in Canada. The weather can be unforgiving and unpredictable from November to March, which can make winter driving conditions dangerous. It is important that you have the right tires on your vehicle in order to drive safely during the winter months. Having a set of winter tires in Alberta is a sound investment and one that will keep your mind at ease on the road.

Get Winter Tires in Alberta to Save Money

All winter tires provide greater traction and grip compared to even the best of all-seasons. Winter tires also conserve your regular tires, extending their life and keeping their performance over time. In many cases, winter tires could potentially save money when it comes to auto insurance. As there are insurers that provide a winter tire discount with proof of purchase.

That is to say, if you want to drive safely in unpredictable conditions, then you want to get winter tires for your vehicle in Alberta. And if you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your vehicle problems, then AutoRite Repair Centres can help. We do everything from regular maintenance to repairing your brakes to installing winter tires, we can handle all automotive problems.

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